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Property Development Finance

Whether you are taking on your first property development or you’re an experienced property developer looking to expand, our specialist brokers can find you the best possible deal. From residential to commercial property developments, our quick and professional approach will allow you to kick-start your project.

What Is Development Finance?

Development finance is used to fund large property projects as opposed to smaller property projects. In short, it’s a form of finance that provides developers with the financial support needed to acquire land, carry out construction work and ultimately sell or rent the completed development.

Why Use Us As Your Development Finance Broker?

Funding for property development projects is a type of loan that we have successfully dealt with for many of our clients. From financing multiple new builds to semi-commercial buildings, we’ve helped clients get development finance for a wide range of large development and renovation projects.

Key to our success as a development finance broker is that we can specifically tailor the property loan to your needs. This is made possible by our flexible financing options, higher loan to value ratios and faster approval times when compared to traditional lenders.

Our specialist mortgage brokers have years of experience to help you navigate through the development finance market and find the best loan to suit your specific needs.

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Development Finance Broker

What Are The Benefits?

  • When using a specialist development finance broker such as ourselves, you can usually access funds quickly without a lengthy approval process
  • You can typically get a higher loan to value ratio to cover a higher percentage of the project costs
  • Our experienced brokers can help you manage the risks associated with a construction project
  • Flexible financing options are available to meet your specific needs
  • 100% development loans are available

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Can Development Finance Be Used For Smaller Projects?

Development finance is primarily used for large development projects and renovations but if you need finance for a smaller project, there are other products that we offer that are more suitable.

For example, bridging loans would be the better solution for a small project where you need a short-term loan. Alternatively, if you are carrying out a renovation, you may want to consider a home improvements loan, which can be used to finance an extension, new kitchen, new bathroom or any other type of renovation.

Do We Offer 100% Development Finance?

If you own land outright, we can assess the value of your land and your development plans before finance is agreed upon. This means that we may be able to offer a 100% development loan.

It’s worth pointing out that we also offer land finance if you are yet to secure a location for your project.

How Is It Repaid?

Due to the fact that interest is added every month, it’s important that you repay your property development loan as soon as possible. Typically, development finance is repaid by the following:

  • Build To Sell – Once the project is finished, you may pay off the finance and profit from the sale
  • Build To Rent – Converting to a long-term buy-to-let mortgage once the development project is ready for letting.
  • Combination – You may decide to sell part of the property and let out the remaining
  • Development Exit Finance – If you are close to finishing, you may consider development exit finance to repay your existing loan.