What We Do As Mortgage Brokers

We understand that the way you live your life has changed. Set career paths, full-time jobs for life and guaranteed income are no longer givens. Yet, the problem is that the criteria of many high street lenders hasn’t kept pace, which means securing a mortgage can be a struggle simply because you don’t fit the mould.

What’s more, local branch closures mean customers are left in the dark when finding the right mortgage deal and this is where we, as specialist mortgage brokers, step in.

Not only will we see you as an individual by taking your unique circumstances into account and finding financial solutions to fit around you; but our team is available to guide and advise you through your house purchase or re-mortgage in person, from our Penarth town centre offices.

Bespoke mortgage needs, require a bespoke solution and we have earned our impeccable professional reputation as mortgage brokers in Cardiff since 2006.

Our team has over 50+ years of experience, working with our forward-thinking lenders, to provide mortgages and protection for clients with extraordinary financial needs and circumstances just like you.

What Broker Services Do We Offer?

Specialist Residential Mortgages

Residential mortgages are suitable for new and existing property owners; even if you have endured credit challenges, are in unusual circumstances or have recently become self-employed. You may be a first-time buyer looking to get onto the property market or perhaps you are an existing homeowner wanting to review your mortgage to ensure you are on the best rate; even if you are 50+ and are interested in looking for a range of ways to better use your asset during retirement, we can help.

Further Advances

If you are an existing mortgage borrower and need to raise additional funds, you can do so by applying for a further advance on your mortgage. Whether the additional capital is for education fees, wedding costs or anything else, our flexible mortgage advisors will look at your situation to access the equity in your existing property by re-mortgaging or through a second charge mortgage.

Buy To Let Mortgages

If you are a new or existing landlord with unusual financial circumstances, our specialist first and second charge buy to let mortgages suit you. Perhaps you want to buy a property to let to add to your portfolio or are looking to release equity through a second charge mortgage or re-mortgage? Even if you have a poor credit history, do not meet minimum requirements, currently live abroad or have incurred early repayment charges, we can find a specialist mortgage solution bespoke to you.

Bridging Loans

If you’re buying a first-time property, are a property developer or have an existing property and/or are in a property chain and need to bridge a financial gap, a short-term bridging first or second-charge mortgage is suitable for you. Bridging finance can either be secured against an existing property, used to pay for properties bought through auction or to pay for renovations before occupation. Our lenders appraise each application on its own merits, which means even if you have exceptional financial circumstances, our options will be tailored to suit you.

Development Project Finance

If you are looking for finance to fund residential development projects or change of use projects, converting properties from commercial to residential, talk to us. If you’re new to residential development or you have limited experience, or if you are an experienced developer needing development finance for several projects running in tandem, we can help. We work in partnership with intermediary-only lenders, who appraise each application on its own merits so we can offer unique solutions.

Commercial Mortgages

When property investors or developers need finance to fund residential development projects or change of use projects, or to convert properties from commercial to residential (especially if they have multiple development projects running in tandem), we can help. As long as you have suitable security and a deposit, our mortgage brokers will carry out all of the paperwork and find you the best possible deal for your specific requirements.

Home Extension Loans

If you are wanting to expand your property and make improvements such as a new extension, kitchen, bathroom, conservatory or other interior and exterior changes, a home extension loan may be of interest. They are a secured type of loan that allows you to borrow a large sum of money (depending on if you have enough equity) and they can be arranged fairly quickly by one of our mortgage brokers.

Debt Consolidation

If you want to manage your debt with a single lender, you may want to consider a debt consolidation mortgage. This type of mortgage works by paying a single lender over a longer term (depending on your circumstances) and the interest rates are often much lower too. Our mortgage advisors are debt consolidation experts and we can walk you through the process step by step and discuss the best type of debt consolidation for you.

Auction Property Finance

If you intend to purchase a property at auction, you’ll want to be sure you have the funding in place if your bid is successful. At Truffle, we are specialist brokers and our auction finance is a fast and effective way to complete your purchase quickly. In general, you’ll usually have around 28 days to complete and our auction bridging loans ensure that you can complete quickly and with minimal hassle.

Second Charge Mortgages

A second charge mortgage is a secured loan that allows you to borrow against the equity in your property. The amount that you can borrow is dependent on the equity in the property but if you get in touch with one of our mortgage brokers at Truffle, we can discuss the amount you can borrow in detail. Whether you want to improve your home, consolidate high-interest debts or any other purpose, a second charge mortgage is worth considering.

How Much Can Be Borrowed?

Want to find out how much you can borrow before speaking to one of our mortgage advisors? Use our online mortgage calculator to see how much you can borrow over various terms at different rates.

Truffle’s Online Mortgage Calculator

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Why Use Truffle As A Broker?

Since 2006, we have kept a step ahead of the rapidly changing financial services market, by seeking out and establishing a network of like-minded forward-thinking lenders, brokers and intermediaries throughout the UK. Truffle are mortgage brokers who speak your language and we cater for Cardiff and the surrounding area. If you want to find out more about us and our team, visit our about page.

Mortgage Brokers Cardiff
  • Experienced and dedicated mortgage brokers that you can trust to find the best deals
  • Great reputation across Cardiff & the surrounding area
  • We find the best deals for you by comparing the whole market
  • Penarth-based offices that you can visit at any time to speak to one of our brokers face-to-face
  • We work around your schedule
  • Over 30 years of combined experience as mortgage brokers

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Truffle Mortgages FAQ's

The main reason why you should use a mortgage broker (also referred to as a mortgage advisor) is the fact that they save you time, effort and money. This is because they have access to more deals/lenders than yourself or most high street banks. On top of this, the years of knowledge from mortgage brokers (such as Truffle) mean that they can remove most of the paperwork and hassle of getting a mortgage.

Although there are plenty of mortgage brokers based in Cardiff, at Truffle, our goal is to make mortgage simpler and we are a dedicated mortgage broker that speaks your language. With offices based in the centre of Penarth, you are able to speak to us in person and avoid the frustrating phone queues and live web chats.

Although Truffle are known for being Cardiff mortgage brokers, we cover the surrounding areas such as Penarth, Barry, Sully, Canton, Cowbridge and much further afield. Regardless to your location, our offices (that are based in Penarth) are easily accessible and the whole team will be on hand to help you through your product.

At Truffle Mortgages, we offer a wide range of services to best suit your requirements. Our main list of services includes residential mortgages, remortgages, buy to let mortgages, bridging finances, development project finance, commercial premises finance, equity release, mortgage protection and so much more.

Our job as mortgage brokers is to not only find a mortgage that best suits your requirements but to also help you find the best deal. This is made possible by the fact that Truffle Mortgages isn’t tied to a single lender (as with high street banks) and we are able to compare the whole market. Whether you are remortgaging or buying your first home, our experienced team are highly rated mortgage brokers in Cardiff that’ll help you throughout the process.